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We invite all interested parties to take an active part in the work of the Association for Risk Management – AZUR, which is registered with the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH and will operate with the support of the Protection and Rescue Sector at the Ministry of Security of BiH. AZUR will work on improving the cooperation between competent authorities and private entities in terms of reducing all types of risks, drafting better technical regulations, professional training and establishing standards. It would be a great honor and pleasure for us that a company like yours, with its professional contribution and participation in the programs and activities of the Association, be part of building a quality system in the field of risk management in BiH and beyond.

Benefits and benefits of membership

Membership in the Association brings with it numerous benefits, both intangible and tangible. Here are some of the significant benefits you can have as a member of the Association.

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All members are in the Association’s database, which promotes your company to potential members 24/7 365 days a year. This online directory is one of the main resources for potential customers

Internet portal access

In addition to the part that is open to the public, the website of the Association has a portal intended exclusively for members of the Association. This section has basic information on fire protection, a review of legislation, access to all minutes of committee meetings as well as all the latest information from the Association.

Using the Association’s logo

Being a member of the Association means that you have the opportunity to display the logo of the Association on all your documents, showing that your work is in line with standards and quality in the field of fire protection. The logo identifies you and your company as someone who cares about fire protection, shows that you are a member of the National Fire Protection Association, that you invest in the future and gives you professional credibility over those who are not members of the Association.

Expert Support

As a member of the Association, you have the opportunity to receive business support for technical and legal issues or human resources issues. Experts in these areas in the Association will provide you with the necessary advice to help you overcome difficulties or implement innovations. Thanks to the Expert Committees, the Association is able to provide you with advice on various issues in the field of fire protection, as well as to inform you about future changes in the field of fire protection so you can keep abreast of developments and new guidelines in this area.

Contribution to standards

As a member you have the opportunity to influence, through the Expert Boards of the Association, new legislation and standards and review of old laws that significantly affect and regulate areas covered by risk management. Through the Association, you have the opportunity to initiate and develop new standards, helping to shape your industry in BiH.

Networking capability

Being a member of the Association gives you the opportunity to connect with related companies like yours without fear of competition – through various meetings, conferences, seminars and trainings.

Participation through projects in working groups

As a member you have the opportunity to participate in the work of the Expert Boards of the Association, as well as the opportunity to represent your business interests through participation in working groups and various other activities of the Association. attitudes with others.

Possibility of personal development and progress

The association gives you the opportunity to meet people who improve the economy and profession. It helps you to develop your business and improve your knowledge of important and current topics in this field.

Participation in political influence activities

Through the Association you have access to government and key responsible bodies in order to preserve and develop your business.

Benefits in various activities

  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING – PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION . The Association is the initiator of various trainings, designed to keep you fully up to date with all the latest standards and practices, while obtaining certification.
  • PUBLICATIONS AND MARKET RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS – Publications and research conducted by the Association and professional bodies will help you improve your business opportunities and are available at a discounted price for members.
  • SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES – The Association is also the initiator of a series of seminars and conferences, which we offer information to all our members, knowledge of best practices on the latest issues affecting the development of the field.
  • FAIRS AND PUBLICATIONS – Your company’s participation in fairs, as well as advertising in the professional press in relevant areas is an important part of promoting your business, and as a member of the Association, you have the opportunity to do so in an effective manner and on more favorable terms.