The Scientific Board of the Association

The Association for Risk Management AZUR, after the expressed needs, in 2019 restructured its structure, and proceeded to the formation and establishment of the Scientific Committee of the Association, as an upgrade of the professional approach of the Association.

The Scientific Board has an advisory, scientific-professional and developmental role and has at least 5 (five) members, from the membership of the Association, including the President of the Scientific Board, all with the right to vote. Persons with at least the title and title of Doctor of Science or PhD student may become a member of the Scientific Board.

The Scientific Committee of the Association has the following responsibilities:

  • makes proposals, prepares and develops projects in the field of registration of the Association;
  • determines scientific and professional programs of scientific research and participates in the implementation of these programs in cooperation with members of the Association and other interested scientific and other institutions , in accordance with the interests of the Association;
  • conducts research in the field of security, protection and rescue of people and material goods from various forms of endangerment;
  • if necessary, at the request of the President of the Assembly and the President of the Association , monitors the dynamics and reports to the bodies of the Association on the status of project implementation, research and other tasks, led or carried out by the Association;
  • prepares draft Rules of Procedure of the Scientific Committee, its amendments and other acts related to the work of the Scientific Committee, adopted by the Assembly;
  • implements the policy, conclusions and other decisions adopted by the Assembly, which are given to the competence and obligation of the Scientific Committee;
  • prepares and determines the work plan for each calendar year period between two sessions of the Assembly and submits it to the Assembly for consideration and adoption;
  • submits an annual and periodic report on its work to the Assembly for consideration and adoption;
  • prepares analyzes, information and other materials for Assembly;
  • also performs expensive tasks in accordance with the Law and this Statute or if determined by the Assembly of the Association.