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A word from the Head of the Magazine

Dear readers,

It is my honor and pleasure to present the first edition of the journal “Protection and Security” in the role of editor-in-chief, which contains a total of seven (7) papers, which deal with topics in the field of social and technical sciences.

The journal “Protection and Security” is a scientific journal published by the Association for Risk Management AZUR, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is guided by the idea of encouraging and affirming scientific research in technical and social sciences. The journal provides an ideal opportunity for authors to articulate and present their scientific knowledge in order to expand existing knowledge in these areas, and provides an opportunity for young authors who are at the beginning of their careers and want to gain scientific and research affirmation both domestically and internationally. . Through the publication of scientific and professional papers in this journal, we want to encourage interdisciplinary and multiperspectival study of complex topics, as well as modern methodological and theoretical approaches.

The publisher intends to publish this magazine twice a year. We believe that this journal, which discusses problems in the field of social and technical sciences in a scientific and professional way, will contribute to readers to get acquainted with the ideas and goals in these areas. I will use this opportunity to invite all interested scientists and experts to enrich the future editions of our journal with their works.

Head of the Magazine

Acc, professor, Nedžad Korajlić, PhD

2021. year – No 1
2021. year – No. 2

The journal “Zaštita I sigurnost” is a scientific journal published by the RISA Association for Risk Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is guided by the idea of encouraging and affirming scientific research in technical, social and natural sciences.

We believe that this journal, which discusses problems in the field of social and technical sciences in a scientific and professional way, will contribute to readers to get acquainted with the ideas and goals in these areas.

About the Magazine and the Editorial Board

IThe act of launching a new scientific journal “Protection and Security” appeared as a result of the expressed need to increase the number of scientific and professional publications with semi-annual publishing in which papers from various fields of social, technical and natural sciences would be published.

Guided by this vision, the RISA Association for Risk Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by the Decision of the Assembly of the Association, appointed the following members of the editorial board, as follows:

1. Acad. Prof. dr. Nedžad Korajlić – Editor-in-Chief;

2. Prof. dr. Želimir Kešetović (Srbija); 

3. Prof. dr. Milan Milošević (Serbia); 

4. Prof. dr. Marjan Gjurovski (North Macedonia); 

5. Doc. dr. Miliša Todorović; 

6. Doc. dr. Ivan Toth (Hrvatska); 

7. Doc. dr. Ivan Nađ (Croatia) 

8. Prof. dr. Mladen Radivojević; 

9. Doc. dr. Tarik Humačkić; 

10. Doc. dr. Marjan Marjanović (Montenegro);

11. Prof. dr. Mesud Ajanović;

12. Prof. dr. Hadžib Salkić;

13. Prof. dr. Nikola Dujovski (North Macedonia);

14. Dr. sc. Edin Garaplija;

15. Mr. sc. Haris Delić.

We invite all authors from our country and beyond to send their scientific and professional articles, reviews, reviews, translations, etc. exclusively in electronic form or by mail to the address:

Association for Risk Management AZUR

Tešanjska 24 A, 71000 Sarajevo,

Bosnia and Herzegovina

n/r Akad. Prof. dr. Nedžad Korajlić, Glavni urednik
ili na e-mail: zispublikacija@gmail.com
, ili na zis@azur.ba/eng.


Association for Risk Management AZUR
, Tešanjska 24 A, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Glavni urednik: Acc, professor, Nedžad Korajlić, PhD

Circulation: 200

Print: Štamparija Fojnica d.o.o.

Comes out twice a year

Instructions for authors

We invite authors to submit their works and articles whose content corresponds to the basic thematic commitments of the journal “Protection and Security”. We publish articles in the journal that are subject to anonymous review. The following categories of articles are published in the journal:

1. Articles:

  • original scientific articles;
  • review articles;
  • short scientific articles;
  • professional articles.

2. Views and opinions

3. Reviews and presentations:

  • presentations from scientific and professional conferences;
  • reviews;
  • views;
  • attachments;
  • translations.

To be published in a journal, texts should be formatted according to the following instructions:

Text formatting:

  • save the document in MS Word (* .doc or .docx format);
  • standard size page (A 4);
  • single spacing for the entire work;
  • font Times New Roman, 12 pt;
  • do not use any styles;
  • do not edit the Header or Footer of the document;
    be sure to number the pages.

Work structure:

  • name and surname of the author and profession;
  • the name of the institution in which he works;
  • e-mail address of the author;
  • title of the paper in Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian and English;
  • abstract (up to 250 words in the third person) and key words in Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian and English;
  • list of used literature.

Further instructions:

  • when authors elaborate certain segments of a problem, the texts should contain concise subtitles;
  • in cases where abbreviations and symbols are used, explanations must be attached to the paper;
    when the paper contains illustrations, photographs, graphs, tables, etc. they must also be numbered with the source from which they were taken;
    the scope of the paper is limited to twelve (12) pages of text, including all parts of the paper;
  • keywords should contain important terms that appear in the text, but not general and too broad terms;
  • at the end of the paper, a numbered list of used literature is listed in alphabetical order by author’s surname, in which no source is selected (for monographs, journals, collections, archives, websites, etc.). If several works by one author are cited, the works are listed in chronological order;
  • the author’s language (Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian) will be respected in the works;
    submitted texts should be proofread.

Each author should submit a statement that the work is an author’s work and that it has not been previously published, nor will it be offered to another journal for publication.

Without these elements, no paper will be published.

Authors are kindly requested to adhere to the Harvard citation and citation system.

In the Harvard citation system, bibliographic notes in parentheses within the text are listed in the following order: author’s last name, then the year the text was published. For example: (Selimić, 2018).

1. Books:

  • books with one author: Imamović, M., 2008. Books and events. Sarajevo: Magistrate;
  • books with two authors: Korajlić, N., Selimić, M., 2015. Criminalistic tactics. College “CEPS – Center for Business Studies” Kiseljak;
  • books with three authors: Modly, D., Selimić, M., Mršić, G., 2018. Rape research methodology. College “CEPS – Center for Business Studies” Kiseljak;
  • books by more than four authors. Talović, M. et al., 2011. Notational analysis in football. Sarajevo: Faculty of Sports and Physical Education.

2. Pchapter in the book: Šunjić, M., 1996. Relations between Bosnia and Venice during the reign of Company I. In: Šunjić, M. Bosnia and Venice (relations in the 14th and 15th centuries). Sarajevo: HKD Napredak. p. 53-79.

3. Electronic books: Pušina, A., 2014. Style in psychology: theories and research. [e-book] Sarajevo: Faculty of Philosophy. Available at: http://www.ff-eizdavastvo.ba

4. Scientific and professional work in a collection or collection of papers: Dizdar, S., 2010. Picture of the state of the Bologna process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In: Mitrović, P. ed. Proceedings of the international round tables on the implementation of the Bologna Process in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar: Federal Ministry of Education and Science, p. 13-61.

5. Journal article: Grubiša, D., 2011. Political Science Doubts in the European Union: The Quest for Determination. Political Thought, 48 (2), p. 61-90.

6. Web pages: Šarčević, A., 2012. Social power of the mind. [online] Available at: http://www.academia.edu

Papers should be sent to the email address: zispublikacija@gmail.com or to zis@azur.ba/eng.
Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Prof. Dr. Nedžad Korajlić
Tel: 00 387 66 032 319

Association for Risk Management AZUR, in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Journal Editorial Board „Zaštita i sigurnost“
Tešanjska 24A
, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

Review process

Papers are published in Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian (in Latin or Cyrillic) or English.

If the manuscript meets the criteria of the journal, it is referred for review.

Each manuscript is evaluated by at least two impartial reviewers, with the identity of the author and the reviewer remaining mutually unknown. After the evaluation of the reviewers and members of the editorial board, the manuscript is returned to the author with an explanation and requests for revision and correction of the work, if deemed necessary. Corrected manuscripts should be returned to the editors within 15 days of receipt.

It is assumed that articles and other contributions are not and will not be published in other publications, except with the special approval of the editorial office when this is clearly stated in the publication.

The authors allow the journal to post their papers on the journal’s website.

The journal reserves all other rights, unless otherwise agreed with the author.

Papers are submitted to the editorial board of the journal by e-mail to the address: zispublikacija@gmail.com, or at: zis@azur.ba/eng.

The document should be created in Microsoft Word. There must be no indication of the personal identity of the author or the institution in which any of the authors works, both in the paper itself and in the characteristics (properties) of the electronic document.

RPapers submitted to the editorial office must be proofread.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to your contributions!